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  • ITC's Structure
  • We deliver "Export Impact for Good” through five complementary business lines: business and trade policy, export strategy, strengthening trade support institutions, trade intelligence and exporter competitiveness.


     Linking ITC Business Lines and Export Impact for Good

    Through strategic development based on these business lines, ITC connects business opportunities to markets. As a result, we achieve long-term, tangible benefits at regional, national and community levels.

    ITC is headed by an Executive Director, who reports to the Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Senior Management Committee (SMC)  is made up the two executive officers and the heads of ITC’s four divisions.

    Internally, our organization is structured into the offices of the Executive Director and the Deputy Executive Director, and four divisions with Divisional Directors at the head.

    • The Office of the Executive Director is in charge of strategic planning, external relations and communications.
    • The Division of Country Programmes coordinates ITC’s projects at the country level and serves as the focal point for coordinating with client countries.
    • The Division of Market Development provides market analysis and research, trade information services and coordinates ITC’s sector-specific work.
    • The Division of Business and Institutional Support focuses on enhancing the competitiveness of exporters and the effectiveness of trade support institutions.
    • The Division of Programme Support provides administrative support activities, such as budget preparation and implementation control, accounting, human resources management, building management, procurement, travel and registry services and information technology services to the organization.

    Click on the thumbnail below to see our full organizational chart.

    ITC Organizational Chart

    As of 31 December, 2009, ITC had a staff of 277, representing 72 nationalities. An additional 541 consultants and individual contractors provided further technical expertise to support ITC projects implemented during 2009. The staff is composed of 45% men and 55% women with an equal balance of men and women at the senior management level.