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  • About ITC Procurement Services (PS)

    Procurement, contracting, and invoice processing at the International Trade Centre (ITC) is carried out by the Procurement Services (PS), Central Support services (CSS) /Division of Programme Support (DPS). PS provides purchasing and contracting services both for Headquarters and for the field for all ITC divisions. The range of this procurement includes, for example, office equipment, EDP equipment, audiovisual equipment, furniture, printing, documentation, stationery and office supplies. ITC also engages the services of consultancy companies to assist with the implementation of projects.
  • As a technical cooperation agency of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and of the World Trade Organization, ITC participates in the UN Common Procurement Activities Group (CPAG), which strives, in order to allow for economies of scale, to standardize and to pool purchases by adopting common service contracts whenever possible.