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    The ITC Strategic Plan for the four-year period 2012-2015 responds to the mandate of the organization, the needs of the client countries, the role of partner organizations, and the need to be more impact-oriented and set realistic goals in cooperation with our partner countries. The plan will facilitate dialogue with beneficiary countries and donors and contribute to organizational change and continuously improved performance.

    The ITC Strategic Plan for 2012–2015 revises and updates the 2010–2013 Plan. It presents ITC’s objectives and milestones for increasing the impact of its technical assistance activities in developing countries. While this Strategic Plan is rooted in the concepts and accomplishments of the previous one, it also represents an important step forward for the organization in terms of a more integrated approach for delivery and results measurement of ITC interventions, and in terms of a corporate direction to incrementally demonstrate the socio-economic impact of ITC’s work.

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    Strategic Plan

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    Past Strategic Plan 2010-2013

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