• Latvia


    ITC and our networks aim to assist Latvia with sourcing good quality products from the developing world. On this page you will find information relating to the organizations which work in Latvia that are dedicated to assisting people based in Latvia who import goods and services from the developing world, as well as those organisations hoping to assist exporters wanting to sell their product or service to Latvia  from their own developing country. For example, this page can provide you with information about 3 trade support institutions, 6 online information sources and 23 distributors of printed information resources. 

    Trade and Tariff Graphs

    Graphs showing the country’s key import goods and tariff levels on a sample product.
    Trademap sample Trademap sample: This bubble chart shows the country’s top 10 imported products – the size of the circle is proportional to the total import value for each product. The vertical axis shows trade growth for the product worldwide, while the horizontal axis shows the change in the country’s import of the product. The country’s share of total world imports has increased for products at the bottom right of chart and it has decreased for products top left.
    Market access map sample Market access map sample: This map shows the tariff levels applied on importing of raw sugar cane from different countries as well as the import volume. Color codes indicate protection levels. Red circles denote trade volumes.

    Trade and Investment Data

    Detailed data on the country’s export performance, key imports and foreign investment, grouped by product and service categories (HS and BOP).

    Trade Information Sources

    A listing of country specific print and online publications on trade related topics. Includes information from both ITC and external sources.

    Trade Contacts

    The most important trade contacts, including importers’ and exporters’ associations, trade support institutions, trade promotion organizations and institutions providing business development assistance.