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  • ITC’s Library supports the organisation’s information needs and activities and assists partner institutions in the selection of relevant trade information sources. While primarily geared to serving ITC staff, the Library is open to external visitors from international organisations, Geneva-based missions and officials from trade support institutions. Students can also make use of the Library, providing they have a letter of support from their academic institution.

    In addition to its services for external visitors, the Library makes its online catalogue available to all users. The catalogue provides details of selected information sources, both electronic and printed, focusing on international trade and related matters, and organized into the following categories:


    Market surveys, specialized trade journals, selected websites, technical handbooks, sector-specific and/or general business directories, statistical yearbooks, etc.


    Country reports, selected websites and journals covering economic development, foreign trade patterns, policies and trends. Worldwide coverage per country/region.


    Trade statistics, national, regional and international and/or by sector of activity.

    Trade Functions:

    All aspects of international trade management, facilitation and support services, such as legal and financial aspects, trade agreements, export promotion and marketing, market access conditions, purchasing and supply management, business management, quality control, packaging, etc.

    In addition to references to printed and online versions of periodicals, directories, reports etc, the catalogue also includes a Web Index, which provides references to selected trade information sources


    The Library catalogue provides access to the following documents:  


    References to ITC publications, technical papers and articles, partially including full text access.

    TradeDoc – trade information sources

    Collection of resources, both electronic and printed, focusing on international trade and related matters, and organized into the following categories:


    Collection of over 1200 specialized trade journals, with direct links if accessible online.


    Collection of 1900 serial publications - annual or irregular -, of which over 800 accessible online through direct Web links.


    Books, reports, technical papers, with direct links if accessible online.

    Web Index: 

    Index providing references and direct links to selected international trade information sources available on the Internet.


    Other Services 

    • Inquiry Reply Services for Trade Support Institutions: upon request, we provide TSIs with assistance in the identification of trade information sources relevant to their specific needs.
    • Selected Sources of the Month a monthly bulletin that includes a selection of new sources added to the Library collection is available via the Library website or available on request from the Library helpdesk.