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    Improve the competitiveness of your business with ITC’s Supply Chain Management programme. 

    The challenges related to globalization, the environment and technology, among others, have a direct impact on how successfully enterprises can manage their supply chains. Enterprises around the world have reaped the benefits of better supply chain management through ITC's SCM programme by reducing costs and lead times, improving productivity and quality, streamlining processes, and strengthening relationships and collaboration across supply chains.


    Browse this section for the latest news and information about ITC’s service offers in supply chain management.

    Advisory Services

    ITC has provided assistance to enterprises through the implementation of various projects over the years. ITC can offer tailor-made advisory services to enterprises either directly or through our network of SCM partner institutions across the globe.
    With the in-depth knowledge of all aspects of supply chain management, ITC can leverage key strategies, technical know-how, concepts and best practices in supply chain management. Our hands-on assistance aimed at addressing supply chain-related challenges and utilizing systematic analysis and methodologies can contribute to the increase in value of products and services and improve enterprise competitiveness.


    The MLS-SCM Programme is created in response to the need for ongoing professional development of supply-chain managers across the globe. With the continued support of the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), ITC manages the development and deployment of its MLS-SCM Programme which is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

    The MLS-SCM programme is based on a business model where local training providers (mostly from the private sector) sign license agreements with ITC, get access to quality materials and soft support from ITC to develop and launch local courses and to offer the international exams locally.

    Through a reciprocity agreement with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) in the US, holders of ITC’s MLS-SCM diploma can apply to ISM to obtain the Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) credential. Likewise, current CPSM® holders can apply to ITC to obtain an MLS-SCM diploma.

    Over the past 13 years, ITC’s Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM) Programme has helped train more than 30,000 business managers worldwide. Executives learn to manage the sourcing, movement and storage of goods from source of production to point of consumption. For enterprises, this means practical solutions to overcoming challenges related to export market demands. For buyers, this means optimized sourcing options and reported benefits from the programme currently exceed 60 million USD. For local trade institutions, ITC is a solid partner offering best-in-class supply-chain training and direct guidance and support to institutions in developing countries wishing to offer this programme on their local markets.

    Through a cooperation agreement between ITC and the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) signed in September 2013, more value adding activities will become available to the SCM profession worldwide.


    SCM training programme for exporters

    This comprehensive modular training programme is designed for current and future staff responsible for managing purchasing and supply chain operations in enterprises and business executives at different stages of their professional careers. For those new to supply chain management, the programme offers a complete range of courses, and for others who want to refresh or sharpen their skills, specialized courses are available. Participants can choose from more than 19 modules, study at their own pace, take exams and gain internationally recognized professional certification. A new module on SCM for SMEs was launched in 2013.

    Programme Structure

    The SCM training programme is built on three pillars:

    • High quality training materials
    • Professional certification of participants
    • ITC support and guidance related to training of trainers, course design, course marketing, etc.

    Training Modules

    The SCM programme consists of 19 modules covering key aspects of supply chain management, including logistics, procurement and inventory management, as well as an independent training pack on SCM for SMEs.

    Click here for a description of the MLS-SCM modules.

    Training Materials

    Training material

    All training programmes provide accessible content and practical business tools. ITC produces Supply Chain Management Toolkits, complete with participant course books, trainer materials and multimedia learning tools. Other products include practical how-to checklists, cases, games and role plays. Where possible, content is localized with relevant case examples and local language.

    Institutional Partners

    ITC is interested in working with institutions that are committed to developing high-quality training services for supply chain professionals. The MLS-SCM training programme is offered through qualified institutional partners under fee-based license arrangements. Partner institutions include business training centres, technical institutes, universities and trade support organizations. ITC delivers train-the-trainer workshops to licensed partners who in turn offer the courses as part of their ongoing training curricula.

    The main goal is to develop sustainable local training capacities for the benefit of supply chain professionals in the countries concerned. ITC offers support including the development of training materials, train-the-trainer workshops, step-based certification and an online networking platform. Strategic direction and thought leadership on the programme is overseen by an international advisory board consisting of recognized supply chain, development and training specialists.

    Once your institution has obtained its MLS-SCM license, it becomes a registered member of the MLS-SCM Network. This gives the institution free access to ITC’s SCM LearningNet website, where members can download updated course books and training materials, receive updates on events and communicate with other members. The LearningNet website has a list of all registered network members and their contact details.

    Supply Chain Institutional Partner Network

    ITC Support

    The MLS-SCM Programme of ITC assists licensed and strategic partners in getting started by offering them advice and guidance in the following areas:

    • Identification and selection of trainers
    • Training of trainers (technical training as well as training techniques)
    • Target group identification and assessment, course design and curriculum development
    • Planning and preparation to offer the programmes, including costing and pricing strategies
    • Development of local materials and/or cases
    • Marketing and promotion of programmes and related activities
    • Networking with institutions and specialists

    Each network member institution receives the core support package from ITC and can then configure programme delivery according to the demand, needs and specificities of their market situation.

    Delivery Modes

    The modular structure of the MLS-SCM programme allows for a high degree of flexibility to tailor programmes to fit the needs of different business sectors and audience levels. In coordination with ITC, local partners can configure the training to meet the demands of their particular market. These can be:

    • Short skills-development workshops for the business community
    • Awareness-raising and orientation briefings
    • In-company training
    • Specializations for academic programmes
    • Complete professional certification programme
    • Distance learning

    Institutions willing to build a pool of qualified local trainers and make initial investments to market the programme in their business communities will find that the programme is in high demand and their activities will pay off in the midterm.
    The ITC network of licensed partners currently consists of more than 80 training providers in over 50 countries. Training materials are available in, English, Spanish and Chinese and partly in French and Arabic.


    One of the pillars of the SCM programme is the granting of professional certification. Business executives can choose to take specific modules à la carte, or to complete a series of modules that can lead to recognized diplomas and certificates.

    The ITC certification process consists of a flexible three-step approach that provides you with increasing professional recognition. It also offers the advantage of being recognised by other agencies operating globally such as the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) in the United States, which accepts the ITC diploma in SCM as equivalent to its CPSM certification under a reciprocity agreement with ITC.

    Three levels of professional recognition are offered:

    SCM certificates

    • The International Certificate in Supply Chain Management, awarded after successful completion of the exams for Modules 1-6.
    • The Advanced International Certificate in Supply Chain Management, awarded after successful completion of the exams for Modules 1-6 plus Modules 7-12.
    • The International Diploma in Supply Chain Management, awarded upon completion of the first 12 Modules and the successful completion of six additional modules.

    Participants take exams in their home countries arranged by the local MLS-SCM licensed institutions. The exams are developed and marked by an international panel of experts. Paper-based exams are offered twice a year. Optional online exams have been available since 2010.

    Training of Trainers

    The MLS-SCM partner institutions are responsible for identifying and selecting local trainers. ITC recommends that the trainers be practitioners with substantial supply chain management experience. Many institutions, for example, offer the courses during evenings or weekends to make it easier for both trainers (working professionals) and participants to attend. Successful network members often use part-time trainers who are employed as supply chain managers, logistics managers or purchasing managers at well-known companies. Full-time trainers with relevant experience often come from academic institutions. Normally a team of 10–15 trainers teach the modules at each institution.

    Training workshops for the local MLS-SCM trainers are normally organized in-country and are attached to an MLS-SCM network member institution. Workshops on training techniques, each lasting three to five days, are organized for groups of 10–15 trainers. Some of this training may also be covered in regional or subregional events.


    ITC recognizes that to achieve sustainable development objectives it is essential to nurture, empower and mobilize networks of local business support institutions. ITC partners with various types of organizations and business development service providers, including private consultancies, trade support institutions, training centres, technical institutes, universities and NGOs. These can be sector-specific or cross-cutting. A key focus is the active management of this global network to continue providing high-quality business development services to end beneficiaries.

    There are three different levels of partnerships arrangements with ITC:

    Associate Partners

    These are institutional partners that join the ITC network with the opportunity of a programme for which they have been identified as key focal point. Such partnerships may be ad-hoc, with the institution delivering the programme successfully but may not be interested in running other programmes of the ITC Enterprise Competitiveness portfolio.

    License Partners

    These are partner institutions that license specific products and services from ITC’s portfolio and commit to wide-scale dissemination of these in their national or regional context.

    Strategic Partners

    These are licensed partner institutions that run a range of ITC products and services and have the capacity to offer augmented services. These include (1) updating and upgrading programme contents and (2) providing training and qualification of advisors on ITC’s behalf. Strategic partners can act as regional hubs to replicate ITC’s export development programmes, in close coordination with ITC professionals and international experts.

    Once your institution has obtained its SCM license, it is qualified to be a registered member of the SCM Network. This gives free access to ITC’s SCM Learning Net website, where members can download updated coursebooks and training materials, find other network members, get updates on events and communicate with other members. The Learning Net website has a list of all registered network members and their contact details.

    Supply Chain Institutional Partner Network


    The Supply Chain Programme is currently providing technical assistance and support for the following projects:

    INT/61/105A - MLS-IPSCM Programme - Phase II
    INT/75/24A - ACP Programme, R 1.0

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