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    Aid for Trade, services and global value chains: Opportunities for least developed countries

    ITC at the WTO's 4th Global Review of Aid for Trade

    ITC Communications
    July 09, 2013

    Services occupy a dominant place in most economies. According to the World Bank’s World Development Indicators (2012), the share of value-added services in world GDP was 70% in 2010, a figure that has risen steadily from 53% in 1970. The share of services in global trade has risen as a result of structural changes in economies that have led to greater specialization. Despite national variations in the shares of GDP attributable to services, manufacturing, agriculture and mining, the share of trade in services in most economies is greater than that of the other three components of economic activity combined. Yet the services sector is typically neglected within the development policy debate. The aim of this session is to affirm the central role of services in economic development and the potential for growth in services exports from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) by highlighting several successful LDC exporters.

    This event is organized by the Australian Mission and supported by the International Trade Centre, which has prepared a background note of case stories on services exporters of interest to Least Developed Countries.

    Moderator: Tim Yeend, Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the WTO, Australia

    • Jane Drake-Brockman, Senior Adviser, International Trade Centre
    • François Kanimba, Minister, Trade and Industry, Rwanda
    • Stephen N. Karingi, Director, Regional Integration, Infrastructure and Trade Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
    • Florence Kata, President, Uganda Export Promotion Board
    • Jeffrey D. Lewis, Director of Economic Policy, Debt and Trade, World Bank
    • Fahim Mashroor, President, Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), Chief Executive Officer, BDJobs
    • Abdoulaye Ndiaye, Director General, Agir et Promouvior, Senegal
    • Trudy Witbreuk, Head of Division, Development Division, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    Find out more about trends and success stories in the services sectors of least developing countries.

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