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    Mainstreaming environment into aid for trade: Improving sustainability of global value chains

    ITC at the WTO's 4th Global Review of Aid for Trade

    ITC Communications
    July 09, 2013

    Mr Jean-Marie Paugam, Acting Executive Director, ITC, will deliver welcome remarks.

    Global value chains play a critical role in engaging developing countries in global markets. Environmental impacts of trade vary with the methods and technologies used in sourcing raw materials, process and manufacture, transport, retail and waste management. Furthermore, environmental challenges, such as climate change, can affect integration of developing countries in global value chains and pose significant risks to sustainable development.

    Aid for Trade creates opportunities for improving sustainability in global value chains, building greater value for developing countries and opening up new opportunities to integrate in the global economy. By mainstreaming environment into Aid for Trade, developing countries can benefit from increased competitiveness, reduced environment-related costs, new market opportunities, improved climate resilience and long-term sustainability of trade. As a result, there will be great opportunities for export growth that reaches sustainable development.

    At this session, ITC will take the lead in a partnership with Canada, Denmark, the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

    Moderator: Mr Pete Forster, World Radio Switzerland

    • Mr Jean-Marie Paugam, Acting Executive Director, ITC
    • H.E. Mr Carlos Posada Ugaz, Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Peru
    • Mr Christopher Beaton, Research Analyst, IISD
    • Mr Stefan Maard, Senior Adviser of Business Development, Novozymes
    • Mr Alex Kasterine, Head of Trade and Environment, ITC
    • Mr Vinaye dey Ancharaz, Senior Development Economist, ICTSD

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