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  • Welcome to Netherlands Trust Fund - Phase II

  • Exports contribute considerably to prosperity, and developing countries are no exception: exporting contributes substantially to their economic growth.

    In order to export in a sustainable manner, solid trade support institutions play a considerable role by helping relevant and potential sectors to expand and compete in international trade. For instance, there is more than enough good mango growing in Senegal, or coffee in Uganda, yet their exports may still be considerably improved. 

    Producers and exporters need strong associations that will facilitate the steps to foreign markets, in particular to European Markets.


    About the NTF II programme

    The Netherlands Trust Fund Phase II (NTF II) is a programme funded by the Netherlands’ Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI)

    The NTF II partnership agreement was signed on 25 March 2009 and aims at achieving the overall objective of: 

    Creating sustainable exporter competitiveness in selected potential export sectors and selected CBI partner countries.

    This objective is to be achieved through enhanced capacity of Trade Support Institutions to provide effective services to SMEs - and by addressing value chain constraints. NTF II contributes to building export competitiveness of specific sectors and to equiping the institutions to carry on activities after programme end.

    Projects in five countries

    CBI and ITC together selected five countries in which to work under NTF II:

    Bangladesh   Kenya   Senegal   South Africa   Uganda  

    The programme runs until 31 March 2013