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    ITC works with Trade Support Institutions (TSIs) to develop and optimise their websites as a channel to disseminate trade information.


    Here you will find online resources related to assessing and improving your information delivery over the internet:
     Assistance for existing Trade Support Institution Website Review
    Assistance for TSI Portal Redesign, Optimisation and Build on Multi-functional Content Management System

    Advisory Services

    ITC’s Trade Information Services team aim at creating or strengthening information service capabilities of public and private sector TSIs at national and regional levels. We partner with TSIs by providing technical advice, training programs, market information resources and web-based solutions for effective trade intelligence gathering and dissemination.
     The objective of our programmes is to enhance and sustain the capacities of TSIs to manage and to deliver efficient trade information services, leading to the improved competitiveness of SMEs on international markets.


    Onsite assistance can be provided in order to support the implementation of the recommendations of the website usability review.
     This can involve practical sessions outlining how to better structure the website and ensure proper information dissemination to target audience.


    Expand this section to read about a sample project - a usability review of the Export Promotion Department of Cambodia.
     The objective of this project was to research and make recommendations to help the Export Promotion Department of Cambodia (EPD) improve their current website. In addition some of the findings were used as best practice foundations for the development or improvement of related websites managed by EPD. This review was made by undertaking a basic usability review of the site and by providing recommendations for improvements/additions.

    The focus was on usability best-practice, as well as content and information structure.

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    Boosting organizational skills in trade information_thumbnail

    Participants from six countries take part in ITC business information training.


    Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) exporting from developing countries suffer the brunt of complying with market access conditions.To make market entry rules more transparent, ITC has redeveloped its online analysis tool Market Access Map, available as 30 June 2012. Users in developing countries and territories can use the tool at no cost...   


    The Trade Support and Regional Integration Programme for the Côte d’Ivoire (PACIR) is ITC’s largest country-based programme. We are pleased to announce the opening of an office in Abidjan to facilitate ITC work in the country and region...


    Trade advisors from around the globe are currently at ITC headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland to take part in the latest Trade Information Training Programme. The eight day course, finishing on Wednesday 23 November, covers a number of information management and information resource themes, ranging from topics such as the identification of useful information sources to the role of Web 2.0 in trade information management...