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    It is essential for Trade Support Institutions (TSIs) to establish or strengthen their managerial and strategic processes. The TSI Strengthening Section provides support through training and advisory services to help TSIs to reinforce and/or develop their strategy. 


    Developing a strategy means making deliberate decisions about markets, products and services. Strategy includes all of the actions that determine the direction of the institution, establish organizational goals, and affect the way decisions are made as well as the use of resources. The best way to define those strategic and organizational goals is through a rigorous analysis of the choices made on governance and resource management.
     A strategy design process should cover the following basics regardless of which tools the organization chooses to apply:
    1. Review of official and unofficial mandates of the TSI
    2. Specify the general goals of the organization
    3. Appraise trade support services providers
    4. Identify target market
    5. Evaluate target market needs
    6. Analyze existing supply of services for target market
    7. Detect gaps between needs and supply
    8. Decide which segments to serve
    9. Select the combination of services to provide
    10. Examine the contribution of services to TSI goals
    11. Confirm all assumptions are in line with reality

    A successful strategy requires different techniques to identify the needs and desires of prospective clients. TSIs also need to be able to define markets, establish clear segments and position themselves.  A strategy must also ensure long-term sustainability. This means that the strategy addresses the critical issue of the management’s ability to attract, generate and maintain adequate levels of resources to allow the institution to pursue its objectives.

    Data and Research

    It is necessary for a TSI to devote resources to management activities such as planning strategies, resource administration or decision making processes. However, devoting too many resources to management can be counterproductive for an organization.
     The TSI strengthening section works with TSIs to achieve a successful strategy balance. Advisory services include looking into different aspects of strategy, design, formulation and implementation to ensure a clear link is established between TSI’s operations and actual results for its partners.

    Advisory Services

    Dedicated advisory services assist partner TSIs during the execution of the strategic plan to ensure results are achieved in line with the targeted objectives.
     More information about our advisory services will be uploaded in due course.


    A TSI needs to know how much time to devote to managing the institution as well as how much time to commit to producing, marketing, and delivering products or services.
     ITC uses a customized programme to assist institutions in striking the right balance. The main focus of the strategy design is on assisting TSI managers and technical officers to be their most effective.


    Institutional development programs include strategy formulation. Successful institutional development activity requires serious consideration of the principles and instructional materials in this component.
     More information about our advisory services will be uploaded in due course.
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