• Floriculture
    Cut flowers and ornamental young-plants are very important export products for several developing countries in East Africa, South and Central America, and the Middle East. Consumption is on the rise, mainly in emerging markets like Eastern Europe, Russia, China, India, and East Asia. Demand in the traditional markets of Western Europe, North America, and Japan is also growing, albeit more slowly. ITC’s weekly and monthly Market News Service reports addresses the lack of readily available market information on the international trade of floriculture products produced and exported by developing countries and least developing countries.


    The world floriculture trade is characterized by a high degree of concentration by product and sources. Developed countries in Europe, America, and Asia account for more than 90% of demand. International trade in floriculture, to a large extent is organized along the regional lines. Asia-Pacific countries are the main suppliers to Japan and Hong Kong. African, Middle Eastern, and other European countries are the principal suppliers to Europe's main markets, Colombia and Ecuador dominate the market in the USA.

    Global exports over the last few years have grown by more than 10% annually, and at this growth rate world exports are expected to reach US$ 25 billion by 2012. Estimates of the annual consumption of commercially grown flowers worldwide vary by source and range from US$ 40 - 60 billion. While worldwide consumption has been on the rise, consumers have also become more refined in demanding new products. To meet this growing and changing demand, production has continued to move from countries that have traditionally been consumers and growers, such as the Netherlands, to other relatively new producing countries such as Israel, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, and Ethiopia. For more information, expand this section.


    Report ITC’s Cut Flowers and Ornamental Plants Report provides market information and statistical analysis on Cut Flowers and Plants traded in Major European and international and Southeast Asian markets. Statistical information is provided weekly based on Dutch and Japanese auctions and an importer in Singapore, The report improves market transparency and facilitates trade by supporting exporters, producers, sector associations and other private or public organizations in making export marketing decisions.

    The report reviews articles published about the industry and presents major international floriculture events, exhibitions and conferences. When available, it lists selected price and quantity trend information for major auction houses and wholesalers in major European and Asian markets. Information providers for floriculture products include major importers, wholesalers, auctions and organizations in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Japan and Singapore.

    In the Ornamental Young Plants sector the markets covered are Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

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    Data and Research

    Data and research information is provided in ITC’s Market News Service report in the form of monthly, quarterly or annual auction statistics. The report also publishes surveys, especially on important cut flower consumption events, such as Saint Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. ITC’s market analysis tools provide statistics on the trade and tariff levels for cut flowers.

    Advisory Services

    Currently, ITC offers no standard advisory services specifically for this sector. Through ITC’s network of experts, qualified international and national consultants can be identified and contracted for development project assignments in the cut flowers and ornamental plants trade sector.


    ITC can offer formalized standard advisory service on Cut Flowers and Ornamental Plants.


    ITC maintains contact with international Cut Flower and Ornamental Plants experts for more than 20 years.


    To initiate a project in the sector, please contact us