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    To ensure success and sustainability of a TSI, close attention must be afforded to the way it is designed and set-up. ITC provide consulting services to identify the existing needs and supply of trade support services to facilitate the design of TSIs. Such an analysis assists governments and policy makers in ensuring success when creating new, as well as developing existing, TSIs.


    TSIs play a key role in enhancing the international competitiveness of the business community. ITC’s TSI Strengthening Team works with institutions, governments and policy makers to create and restructure TSIs. An accurate feasibility study prevents institutions from making unrealistic strategic decisions in terms of institutional anchorage, positioning, size, service portfolio and strategic alliances. Mistaken decisions on any of these areas can lead to mismanagement of resources and generate high costs. In order to access online resources related to setting up a TSI, please expand this section.

    Advisory Services

    Each TSI has specific needs and operates in its own unique economic, political and social environment. ITC provides continuous advisory support to its partner countries and stakeholders before, during and after the creation of a new TSI or the strengthening of an existing one to ensure that specific local needs are met.
    ITC’s intervention model is based on three steps where each outcome builds on the previous achievements and findings. It follows a logical and chronological order:
     The First step is to gain a thorough understanding of the trade support and trade development services being offered in the country as well as the requirements existing in the private sector, and hence to identify the strategic focus of the service portfolio of the TSI.
    The Second step is to formulate a complete operational plan. Items include the strategic, structural, functional and organizational set-up, as well as budget and resource needs.
    The Third step is delivering the training and counselling programmes required to ensure the TSI’s staff have the skills and competencies to operate the agency as per the established plan.


    Training is a key component of ensuring the success of a new TSI. It is also one of the key inputs to ensure TSI staff are competent and capable of implementing changes to the way an existing TSI operates.
     One core component focuses on improving the skills of managers and technical officers of the newly established or revamped agency. The specific contents of this component vary according to the needs of the agency, and can include areas such as:
    • designing the service portfolio
    • improving communication with stakeholders
    • strengthening the distribution of products and services
    • and recording and measuring effectiveness and impact


     ITC approach to TSI establishment
     Fig. 1: ITC approach to TSI establishment
     Proposed new trade support institution structure - large
     Fig. 2: Internal structure proposed by ITC for the establishment of a new TSI in a least developed country (click here for larger image)


    ITC’s TSI Strengthening team is currently active in a number of projects targeted at building Trade Promotion Organisations (TPOs), as well as other projects to strengthen TSIs. For more details, please expand this section.
     The projects where a new TPO is being created are Mali, Sao Tome & Principe and Chad. All three counties have approved their operational plans during a national validation workshop and are currently recruiting staff to launch the operation stage. All three projects have been funded by the Integrated Framework program.  Furthermore, we are actively supporting the strengthening of the TPOs in Brasil and Oman, and the three regional economic commissions of ECCAS, ECOWAS and COMESA within the Pan-African Capacity to Trade (PACT II), project.
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    The 2012 TPO Network World Conference, Transforming TPOs’ Business through Innovation, today opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over two days, against the backdrop of the on-going global economic crisis, Trade Promotion Organizations will, explore how they can promote innovation, improve their operations, and better meet the needs of their exporters.


    The Trade Support and Regional Integration Programme for the Côte d’Ivoire (PACIR) is ITC’s largest country-based programme. We are pleased to announce the opening of an office in Abidjan to facilitate ITC work in the country and region...


    Sao Tome and Principe will strengthen its cooperation with ITC following an integrated framework programme that enabled Africa's second-smallest nation to create a trade and investment promotion agency and improve its business environment over the last...